March 25, 2017

Solving the problem

With today’s explosion of software solutions, information overload and siloed data are still a major barrier to streamlined communications and productivity. When everyone is using their own apps and systems, sharing content and data is harder than ever.

Trove was purpose built to become the central hub in your enterprise technology eco-system. Its most popular use-case is to unite Sales and Marketing, but Trove solves the disconnects of knowledge-sharing across every department.


For example, with Trove, Marketers can control inconsistent and unapproved sales messaging. Sales reps no longer have to hunt through emails, archives and scattered content silos to find what they need, when they need it. (Is it in Salesforce? Is it in Box?)  Marketing can effortlessly broadcast priorities to sales teams through SMS, emails and news posts. Sales reps can spend less time on paperwork and more time swiftly working sales opportunities.

Companies like yours, with larger teams to coordinate and complicated products to sell, can align siloed departments, streamline workflows, evolve strategies and ultimately serve more customers.

historically siloed marketing and sales teams—to sell smarter and faster together. marketers to control how and when brand messages are shared between reps and customers—to unleash the promise of your product. sales reps to use the right content at the right time—to be the best resource for your customers. via a company- wide pulse. Know what’s been viewed, opened and shared. Know what reps endorse— so you can know what advances deals.

Trove’s powerful asset management tools combined with detailed usage metrics gives you true content intelligence, making this system more powerful than any other platform available.

Trove is a hub for your technology eco-system. It integrates key tools that streamline knowledge sharing across your organization, while providing connection points for many other disconnected systems and data warehouses.