Organize and secure
your knowledge capital

What does "Trove" do for you?

Your knowledge capital is built from the experiences, content, knowledge, learning, and skills of your employees.
Trove is a "knowledge hub" — an integrated content & communication platform, to streamline collaboration and sharing—built on cloud architecture.
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Content Library

Trove is a secure content repository for all of your assets: multimedia, office documents, specialty apps and links, and more. Lock the content you need to protect, unlock the content you need to share with the world. Your people can easily find and share your approved content with their prospects, teams and customers, with engagement metrics. Powerful curation tools allow auto-expiration, usage reports, and content steward reminders.

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Trove’s Broadcast is a suite of 3 communication channels: bulk email marketing, SMS-texting, and internal news channels — all highly segmentable by audience, and trackable. Enable each of your departments to manage their own email campaigns, with linked, always-updated content attachments from your Content Library.


Other marketing tools give powerful email capability to only a few of your staff; Trove gives everyone in your organization the ability to *Send* branded, trackable emails with linked content-assets, to anyone in their contact lists. And Trove provides view- and click- rates to every user, not just a few Ops people.

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MyOpps CRM

Manage your customers and prospects, with unlimited accounts and contacts. Then, Trove auto-recommends selling content for them based on Products, Programs and other tags you create. Automated system intelligence then makes it easy for your Reps and Customer Service teams to know what materials can help close deals or solve issues.

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Learning/Training LMS

Leverage all of your organization’s approved, current content for internal training programs, with Trove’s integrated, full-featured LMS. Your people can learn with your curated curriculum with unlimited modules, courses and quizzes. Their learning records reveal how much progress they’ve made, so you can fine-tune areas for potential team growth.


The magic of Trove is how all the integrated features can create seamless workflows (across departments!) and glean insights built on data analytics. Know *who* is using and sharing company content, and *which* content is actually effective and having an impact. Then leadership can make resource decisions based on actual insights.