March 25, 2017

5 Solutions in One

Learn how easy it is to now get organized, company-wide. Get everyone on the same page. Communicate. Train and motivate. Nurture engagement. Continually optimize.

Trove’s publishing capabilities provide the solution to the problem of outdated content being shared with customers and prospects… upload and tag dozens of types of media and office documents, and then link “content stewards” to their pieces to make sure nothing is out of date. The permalink system ensures that only the latest file is downloaded/viewed when a recipient clicks on a shared link from sent any time earlier. Short-URLs enable trackable content to be shared in tweets or on social media.

Trove’s intelligent search allows the right content to be found more easily than ever — everything important now lives in one place, in one highly secure repository… not scattered across network drives, VPNs, legacy intranets, laptops, and offline backup systems. Using many signals, Trove surfaces content fast and accurately.

Trove’s 3-channel communication suite (called Broadcast) provides SMS-texting, emailing and internal news blogs, with no limits—and all interactions are tracked for actionable insights. Use Broadcast for emailing your customers, your reps, your dealers, anyone—without extra usage costs.

Trove’s powerful learning management system (LMS) let’s your create library of knowledge content for your people, complete with unlimited courses, modules, fine-grained audience controls, and detailed quizzes. Using the Tin Can API Trove includes a full learning record repository for all of your staff training.